Dr Vivek Agrawal - Agra UP - Hospital Planning

                       It is a hospital planned on a linear / quadrangular plot with 3 perpendicular sides which has a width of 28′ in front side which is adjacent to the road in South Side . The length of plot in Eastern direction has a length of 98′ & in the western side it has a length of 110′, the difference between these two lengths of sides of plot provide the plot , an angular side of 30′-5.5″. This plot is adjacent to a 7′ wide road which shows, it is located in a crowded area of the city & and hence it is a common wall structure.

                      Ground floor has a stepped entrance & a pharmacy.This entrance door opens into a 6′ wide liner passage which provides access to a reception & waiting area, a stair case for vertical circulation, a medical store, two consultation rooms with a common toilet and a small waiting area , a labor room. These areas terminate where it has one more staircase to the other floors and lift. This termination point has an O.T. section which has a nurse changing room , a Doctor’s changing room , a sterilization room, Autoclave area, a major and a minor O.T with an open space at the rear side of plot.

                     This hospital also has a basement which has spaces like a Doctor’s Duty room, a toilet , accounts section, two general wards a toilet and an open space on the rear end with connection to the staircases &a lift for vertical circulation.

                    First floor has 4 private rooms with attached toilets with central 5′ wide passage & 4 deluxe rooms with attached toilets with central space for Nurse room & reception and waiting area

                   Second floor has 2 IVF’s with attached toilet , a semen analysis room , a lab & a reception & waiting area for all these spaces & it also has residence on this floor. This floor had 2 five bedded ICU’s a conference room , a common toilet & waiting & reception areas with an open terrace at the rear end.

                 Terrace floor occupies a smaller area than other floors , it has a stair cabin , lift , lift machine room and rest is open terrace area .
The ventilation on all the floors is maintained through vertical ducts which can also be seen on terrace. For vertical circulation , all the floors are connected with two staircases , one in front & one in middle portion of the building and a lift adjacent to it.

This structure is a perfect example of accommodating a hospital in linear plot in congested areas of any city which is very well designed by our designer.

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