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                A 2 Screened multiplex designed on a plot of size 91′ X 280′ R the site/plot also have a triangular piece of land pf size 1/2X(91′ X 45′) and has a hypotenuse edge of length 101′-6″. This Plot has a main road in South Direction.
                The building has a front setback of 39′-7.5″. due to this it has a Multipurpose waiting area in front part of the building.
It has a stepped entrance with an otta of size 20’X 9′ & which leads to a central 20′ wide passage which has shops/ offices on both the sides .
               At the entrance it has a Box office in left, & 7 shops of size 14′ X 20′, at the end of these shops and the passage, it has 2 emergency exits on both the sides, left & right. This area has a vertical circulation area which is comprised of 2 Lifts and a staircase.
Here at this terminal point it has a power room ,male, female toilets and a hand wash area.
               Here , in this building, the parking space is provided on both sides of the plot and rear side, which also occupies a  ‘L’ area of the building, that acts a as a stilt parking an exit staircase can also be seen .
              On First floor, the staircase leads to a central waiting area which provides access to two Restaurants with attached kitchens , a male & female toilet, two water cooler areas ,and  a cafeteria with 7 food kiosks/counter.This Space provides 2 separate stepped entrances for two screen, one in front and screen on the rear side.
               These two theaters have capacity to occupy 400 persons each. In second floor plan, a projection room can be seen at the central part of the building. And both the screens have exits in front and back respectively.
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