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A Multiplex Designed on a Plot of Size  328′-0″  X  656′-0″, abutting to a main road in North Direction. A Multiplex Designed as a G+4 structure, with 24 screens, which also has commercial areas attached to it, adding a secondary typology to it respectively. This multiplex is provided with all advanced building services. All the floors are connected through ramps, Staircases, elevators and escalators for vertical circulation.

Ground floor has a huge car and two wheeler parking area and a huge service room for all mechanical units.

First floor has an entrance in front and it is accessed through ramps and staircases, which lead to a central atrium that has escalators and lifts for vertical circulation. First and second floor are almost similar and have 12 shops on each floor and 2nd floor has cut outs which creates balconies on this and all upper floors.

Every floor has 2 gents and 2 ladies toilets. The central stretch in the building is used for vertical circulation

Third and fourth floor are typical floor plans which have 12 screens on each floor.

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