Why we want this ?

We BUY construction related  material in BULK quantity ( for Projects going all over the country) . We then arrange the nearest SHOP to offer you Quality Construction material at discounted rates.

Material like Cement bags, Number of Bricks, Steel in KG, flooring Tiles, Bathroom Fixtures, Kitchen fixtures, Paint, Lights, LED fixtures, Garden equipment’s, Wires, Plumbing – Drainage materials ETC.

    6: This shop sells which Material Type ?
    Civil ConstructionInterior ItemsElectronic itemsElectrical itemsFlooring relatedBathroom relatedKitchen relatedAll above related

    7: We will arrange Special Knowledge and supplier for
    Solar energy designsRain water harvestingNatural cool air flow and warm air exhaustsGreen landscapes on terraces - balconySecurity and remote technology for appliancesComplete automation of Interiors

    8: Architects or Engineer may be arranged to Visit Site anywhere in India from Mumbai. Do you want the Visit ?


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    Kindly write here your Project Type and details like Plot size and few requirements. We will call you back and give your complete solution Fast & Secured.


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