Since 2007 we are designing buildings for India and developing countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Angola, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia , Germany, Malaysia and Singapore . We also have designed Motels – Service apartments for USA, Canada, UK and Russia

We have registered office in Vadodara India, and we by email send Clients all planning, 3D views, construction details in PDF format. The projects includes Bungalow, Apartment, Hospitals, Schools etc.  For any changes, revisions we communicate on Skype or teamviewer. Many of the Projects have been already constructed – completed .

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1: What is ” online designing ” concept of Company?
  • It is similar to any web site like  . We send you planning in PDF format by email . If changes are required in the planning you can send comments and suggestions by email.
  • So without personal meeting with Architect or designer plans can be ready as per requirements and local bye laws for any kind of project.
  • We will send,  in our first email, Planning based on our experience, available plot size, requirements. We call it Option A. Then you may discuss this planning with your family , partners and send us your comments-suggestions by email in rough sketch format. Laptop ( computer ) Screen share method actually makes it very simple to discuss the designs.
  • Our designers will revise the planning and will send you Option B incorporating all your practical comments, suggestions. So now you have almost 99% satisfied planning with you as per local bye laws , comfort etc. So again if required you may send us comments, suggestions and we will revise the planning as Option C.  You may Click here and fill in your requirements.
  • 2: Please tell us step by step process of the Designing ?
  • A: Please Click here and fill in your requirements.
  • B: You may also Send us by email your plot sketch showing all dimensions, NORTH location, Road location and approximate margins to be left from all sides. Our email is .  Also send us in Points your all requirements, whatever comes to your mind.
  • C: You will find our transparent fees in the web site. We will also send by email our fees and mode of payment. Once we have received your initial payments with requirements, we will reply if any more information is required.
  • D: Within 4-5 working days, we will start sending you all floor plans, 3D views , other packages etc: one by one.
  • E: You may then send us comments and suggestions so that we can revise the plans accordingly
  • F: Once plans are final, we will proceed with other packages like Municipal Approval drawings , Construction detail drawings and construction activity.
  • 3: The planning which you have sent to us by email is easy to understand ?
  • Our expert designers with the help of CAD software draft plans with clear indication of walls, doors, windows, staircase, all name of the rooms, all amenities named properly. Even total built up area is also typed for better understanding.
  • We ( team ) are using most advanced Software like REVIT for making errorless drawings. Which saves lot of money during construction and material buying on site. This software makes BIM ( Building information Model ) which helps in coordinating all services like Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Drainage, SMART technology, Energy saving, Quantity of materials etc.
  • This planning is converted in PDF format and emailed. This PDF format opens in any laptop / mobile / computer.  So they are very easy to understand and easy to take out  printouts.
  • As in the initial stage we will send you Conceptual planning with all basic elements easy to understand. And in the next stage we will send you by email very very detailed planning showing all column locations, Energy saving elements, location planning for Generator set , transformers, lift rooms, machine rooms, parking details etc.
  • 4: Do you send 3D views also along with planning. ?
  • Yes.
  • RayDesign Company believes that 3D views makes the Project more easy to understand. It gives clear picture about Building how it will look after construction. Before even investing in the Construction, you get the complete idea of material used, finishing items, balcony, terraces, boundary wall, gate, Windows, Doors etc.
  • As in the initial stage we will send you Conceptual 3D views in small pixels easy to view on laptop – computers. And in the next stage we will send you large size 3D views with highly detailed image quality which can be used for printing, marketing etc
  • 5: Besides Planning, what else do you send by email?
  • Once Planning is final, after your valuable comments, suggestions, we start sending you
  • Estimate ( total cost of construction ) and quantity of basic construction materials
  • Municipal Approval drawings by email with local format – stamp – signature – license number.
  • Construction Drawings package ( with all details of electrical – plumbing-stairs-door-windows-boundary wall-center line-sections-all detailed measurements-water tanks- around 40 drawings )
  • Structural drawings package ( which includes foundation drawings-steel reinforcement details in all beams-columns-slab-stairs etc ) .
  • These packages make Construction activity on site very easy. Any local qualified Engineer or contractor can proceed with construction.
  • 6: How do you help us in Construction Stage or Management of the Project?
  • Our Drawing packages once sent, our Franchisee near your city can help you in finding good contractor.
  • Our Franchisee can also help you in supervision of the project so that it finishes faster and with economical budget.
  • Construction management can be done by Company so as to procure in advance all material and finishing items with competitive pricing.
  • 7: What about Local Municipal Approval of the planning  ? Are all planning as per bye laws ?
  • Yes , For Indian Projects only. We have a separate package of Corporation or Municipal approval drawings.  Where we will send you by Courier three copies of Blue Prints or large size of Prints which contains all plans, elevations, sections, site plans, area statement and stamp-signature of registered Architects.
  • The local follow-up or visiting the Municipal office may be taken care by Franchisee at nominal fees.
  • 8: Can we meet the Architects or designers personally?
  • As such the meeting with Architects and designers during planning stage is not required. Please read Point number 1.
  • Architects or Designers visit at site may be arranged just at the beginning of the Construction.
  • 9: During the Planning stage and after revising the drawings several times, still plans are not satisfactory. So do you refund money?
  • No.
  • Plans are revised as per practical plot conditions, size and requirements which can fit in as per local bylaws, margins to be left from all sides. If they are not satisfying, it may due to impractical requirements OR too many requirements.
  • Designers have put in efforts and valuable time. So this time cannot be reversed and so do the money.
  • 10: What is the Fees structure or how is the fees charged ?
  • Since from 1 August 2015 we have started charging on per square feet basis.
  • However the initial conceptual planning fees is kept low or almost free . This has to be paid in advance.
  • If changes required in initial conceptual planning then you need to pay the balance fees.
  • This balance fees is calculated on the basis of total slab area or total constructed area in square feet.
  • For initial conceptual planning client needs to pay in advance fees as per shown in the below link in RED color
  • Advance fees will be multiplied as per TYPE of projects in same building.
  • For example  if in the same Apartment building and Shops/ offices are planned then our fees will be doubled.
  • Similarly in one building if on ground floor shops, first floor banquet hall and on upper floors Hotel then fees will be three times.
  • For current prevailing fees please click here and choose your project type.
  • 11: What is the address of your registered office and work place?
  • Registered Office is in Vadodara- Gujarat- INDIA . Building name is Hardik Chambers. Street name is Productivity Road and Landmark is Akota garden crossing.
  • All the designers work online from their place of comfort.
  • The queries, requirements are sent by email to the specialist designer as per the project.
  • The Designers complete the project planning and send in PDF or JPG format to the registered office. Then registered office forward these planning, package to clients email.
  • 12: What kind of Projects team can design?
  • Our experienced team can give consultancy for Planning – designing of Projects TYPE like  Bungalows, House Villa, Farm House with Pools , to large Apartment, Shopping malls, Multiplex, Theaters, Schools, Colleges, Banquet halls, Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts , Business hub, Food Joints and anything which you dream of.
  • 13: Can we get to see some Planning of completed Projects ?
  • Yes. In web site  you may see all kind of samples from House to schools, Hospitals to Hotel, Multiplex to theaters, Factory to large industrial shades.
  • Click link on bottom of the web site menu ” Projects Building ”  or ” Projects Interiors ”  one by one.
  • Since all projects are copyrighted with the respective owners and so all images are uploaded in small sizes – pixels.
  • Click below to see Current Live Projects location on Google map
  • Click here and scroll down to see Google map with icon showing current projects.
  • 14: How can we pay Fees  or Franchisee Fees to Company?
  • You may pay online by using any Credit card or Debit card issued in India or Net Banking.
    You need to

    click on PayU button and pay on 100 percent secured payment gateway.

  • You may pay by  cash or cheque in any of the following bank and SMS us the amount, email ID at +919909982634 for instant receipt.
  •  HDFC bank : Account Name- Ray Design World . Account No-04162560001800 . IFSC code- HDFC0000416 . Bank Location- Kamlanjali Vadodara.
  • You may PAY by and pay to email,INR to USD can be found out at . While paying thru please Add 15 USD as transfer fees.


  • 15: What is the meaning of Franchisee and how can one become Franchisee ?
    Our franchisee is better than any Job. You may work from home and earn good money in site supervision and commission on design fees. 
    We are worlds largest online design company. Our experienced Architects- Interior designer do high quality planning for Bungalow, Villas, Apartment projects, Multiplex, Schools, Hotels, Theaters, Shopping malls, Restaurants, Interiors, Temples and Industry. Check out ” Projects and About us “at our web site www.Architect.Org.In  
    A: Minimum qualification – Good communication skills, creative and passion in construction and interior design field. Our experienced designers at Mumbai City will do the complete planning – 3D views etc. .
    B: Required – laptop or computer or smart phone with email, whatsApp and internet facility.
    C: How to become Franchisee – Pay the franchisee fees, Register at web site  www.Architect.Org.In  . Franchisee fees INR 5000 valid for 365 days.
  • Send us your current projects requirements by email or WhatsApp to us. We will send your Quality plans and 3D views for any kind of project.
  • Also check our group page regularly for contact number of Clients, whose Projects we are working on designs from your city.  Call – meet them personally and offer for site supervision of the project or construction.
    D: How much i can earn – You earn from construction of Projects. You also get 20% discount on all our fees packages. Check our fees in the Fees Packages link.
  • You may also earn EXTRA from Site supervision, which client directly pays as per your quotation. 
    E: Support and  Assurance from company –   We will support 100% for planning project, making 3D views, construction detail drawings, structure drawings , Estimate, Corporation approval drawings.


  • 16 : How to Change the profile photo after log in?
  • Once you have logged in ( after registration ) , you need to click on MEMBERS link on top of the web site.
  • Then Click on the Profile ( Avatar ) photo of yours .
  • Then click Profile link.
  • You will now see ” Change Profile Photo link “.
  • Go ahead and prove all of us that you are real. This not only makes your presence visible but also gives you unbelievable Business opportunity.

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