Best Hospital Design in 5382 square feet – 212



  • We have designed Multi Specialist Hospital in 110’x 80’ sized rectangular plot.
  • North side main road abutting the plot.
  • It is Basement + G + 4 structure.
  • In Basement we have designed for 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler parking. In this area we have adjusted pantry for prepare patients food. Vehicles access this floor by ramp.
  • On Ground floor we have designed ramp and stairs both for access ground floor.
  • For Emergency we have designed one more entry.
  • In center part of Ground floor area we have designed waiting area, Reception and cash counter, 3 Nos. of Doctor room with toilet, Record room , Administration chamber, Pharmacy , Emergency room , x-ray and CT scan room designed on this floor.
  • For access ground floor to other floors we have designed 2 stair case in opposite corners and 2 lifts for patients.
  • On first floor center part area we have designed OTS .
  • OTS covered on terrace floor by acrylic sheet.
  • On this floor we have designed blood bank, Pathology, and Diagnostics, ECG  room, Ultra sound room, Doctor’s rest room, Nurse station and 8 Nos. of Bed General ward with bath and toilet.
  • On second floor we have designed 3 Nos of general ward common toilet and nurse station.
  • On third floor we have designed nurse station and 10 Nos. of special rooms with washrooms.
  • On fourth floor we have designed waiting area, Doctor’s Rest room, Minor OT, Autoclave, Major OT, Scrub area, 4 bed ICU, Nurse station , Cath lab and doctor’s conference room.
  • On terrace floor we have designed stair cabin.
  • In center part OTS covered with acrylic sheet.
  • On Top floor we have designed lift machine room for both lifts.
  • For exterior design we have us brown , grey and white color scheme on elements.

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