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A Bungalow Design project on a Rectangular  Plot of Size 26′-9″  X  81′-0″, which is abutting to a main road  in west direction.

It is a G+2 structure , a kind of Luxurious and modern Bungalow designed for a joint family having a  3 BHK and  2 separate 1 BHK’s on upper floor designed as private units for the family members .

On Ground, it mainly has amenity spaces  like a Car parking and landscaped areas are provided.

In this bungalow, Ground floor has a big entrance foyer which is connected to other activity areas such as a store room, a meter room, a servants dormitory with attached bathroom, wash room and two toilet. This central entrance space also encloses the staircase which leads to the upper floor.

First floor is a 3 B.H.K. unit directly connected with staircase without any such formal barrier which welcomes  a person to a decent drawing room which is indirectly connected to living and dinning areas in which all the other spaces like kitchen , study room, puja room, 2 bedrooms with attached toilet/bathroom and balcony and a small bed room with attached toilet/bathroom open. Due to this rectangular site every room is attached to exterior walls which keeps each and every space well ventilated and illuminated.

On Second floor, stair way takes a person to a foyer which is common for two separate  1 BHK’s varying in size  with spacious living area cum dinning, with kitchen directly accessible from living and a bed room with attached toilet/bathroom and a balcony.

This unique project may become a key referral  one for designing a habitat for joint families to stay together maintaining each ones privacy.

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