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A Bungalow Designed on a Plot of Size 64′-0″  X  60′-0″, abutting to a main road in East direction. A Luxurious Bungalow Design with ample space for Car Parking in setbacks in North and East directions. It is a G+1, 4 bedroom structure.

Ground floor is approached through a stepped entrance. This stepped platform leads to a huge living room through a Foyer. At the center of this plan It has a chunk of interconnected spaces like a Dining room, a circulation lobby , a puja room and the living room too. This central space can be used for multiple purposes, and can be clubbed as one by doing permutations and combinations of spaces. These spaces provide access to 2 bedrooms with attached Dressing and toilet/bathroom, a kitchen with attached store room and wash area, a study room and a common toilet beneath the stairs on this floor.

Stairs from this floor lead to a huge family room, which is surrounded with spaces like 2 bedrooms with attached toilet/bathroom and Dressing area, a puja room, a common toilet, a Music room with attached store and wash room, and a Big Balcony.

This bungalow is designed for a client in Singapore, so according to the architectural style and some monuments there, the Elevations of this bungalow are designed. The terrace floor shows the projections of sloping roofs which enhance the elevations more.

Terrace floor has a rectangular staircase block and it shows a sloping roof over the balcony, and rest is the terrace area.

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