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A Medical College Designed on a Plot of Size  70′-0″  X  103′-4″,Abutting to a main road in North Direction. A G+4 Structure (College Building), with setbacks of very less width.

The Ground floor is entered through a stepped entrance, wide enough to provide entry to the patients, students Doctors and Visitors. It has two double shutter doors for convenience in Circulation. It has a ‘L’ shaped common foyer which has Waiting and Reception area, waiting space provides access to a Clinical Science Lab, a staff room, A H.O.D.’s room, Common toilets for Male & Females, an area for House keeping and water cooler. This waiting area is also connected to Stairs and a Lift for vertical circulation. The Reception area is connected to a H.O.D’s Room, Principal’s Room, Vise Principal’s Room and an Audio Video Room.

First floor has a Big Library and a Multipurpose hall connected to a waiting area which has 2 common toilets for males and females, House keeping area and water cooler besides the stairs and lift.

All the floor plans have waiting, toilet area and vertical circulation space intact,

Second floor has a computer lab, common room for Girls, common room for Boys and a Faculty room, all the rooms are quite spacious.

Third floor has a Pediatric Lab, community health nursing department, Nutrition Department and a Nursing Fundamental Lab.

Fourth floor has 4 Lecture halls with a huge common waiting foyer.

Above this floor, is a huge terrace area with staircase block including lift which has a quite big stair cabin.

Waiting area on each floor is a semi open space which provides abundant amount of natural light and ventilation to the interiors. and acts as a transition space.

Even if this building has narrow setbacks, its facades are designed so well that it gets light and ventilation in ample quantity.

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