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  An Orthodox Church designed on a Rectangular plot of size 120′ x 80′ , abutting to a 40′ wide main road in South direction.

               It is a G+1 structure with 2nd floor split in 2 levels. the structure almost occupies total space of plot, with only 2′ wide setbacks in west, north and east direction and a 5′ wide setback towards south.
              This plot has 2 entry points.Ground floor has a huge stilt parking area of 150′-8″X73′-0″ .Towards west it has the vertical circulation area, where it has a 9′-8″ wide and 1′-6″ high passage. At it’s center, it has two lifts with 4′-3″ wide passage to access them & towards both its corners, it has clock wise staircase, where the spaces below the upper flights are used for storage. this floor has a height of 9′ from finished floor to finished floor level.
             On first floor it has a 10′ wide passage in front of the vertical circulation area called ‘Narthex’ & it provides entry to the church , where it has a huge hall called the Nave with a central 7′ wide passage / Aisle, & has a seating for 392 people at a time, besides this hall, on both it’s sides it has 7′-6″ wide passages.
            In front of this seating area, it has a 9′-6″ wide passage called ‘crossing’ , adjacent to the stage afrea of 15′ X 30′ in east direction.
           On both sides of the stage it has  areas called ‘transept’, where in South it has seating area and in North it has 2 green rooms 8′ X 7′-6″. This floor has 2 common toilets/washrooms besides the lifts.
             Above this on 1st level of second floor, it has 2 rooms 32′-5″ X 33′-2″, which can be used as multipurpose areas for whole year. In between them, there is a stair way for reaching to the next level, where it has an aisle & steps going down towards seating area, towards east & from this same aisle, it has steps towards Next level where it has more other upper rows for the seating area of Church. this seating area acts as a Balcony / Over looking area towards the stage as we normally see in theaters.
            Its elevation is designed with a very decent theme and simple look as a  Church should be.

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